Stokkup Release Updates

Current Version: 2.1.1

What's New in This Update

Release Notes: v2.1.1

Bug Fix - Error When Printing Invoice

When printing an Invoice from the invoice table, there is an error that is thrown. Issue has been corrected and one is able to click under Options Columns and Download PDF.

Printing Invoices

Release Notes: v2.1.0

Update Art Auto Status

When marking a design within Art as Approved, and the placement type in all the designs is not Embroidery, then the Order Status will change to Screen Room. If the design placement type is Embroidery, then the Order Status will change to Embroidery Dept upon approval of the design.

All line breaks in Notes

When you add line breaks within the Internal and External Notes, they will carry over on the PDFs as well.

Release Notes: v2.0.2

Update Art Module Filters

The Art Table wil now filter the data via the API. Both Art Status, Order Type, and Artist can be filtered.

Update Shipping Module Filters

The Shipping Table wil now filter the data via the API.

Allow Shipper Associate to Cancel Shipment

Users that have the Shipper Associate Permission will now be allowed to cancel any shipments.

Allow Edit to Associate Notes with Associate Orders

Users will now be able to edit any Associate Notes that are created.

Release Notes: v2.0.1

Bug Fix: Press Instructions Not Loading

Fixed error with printing press instructions without any finishing.

Release Notes: v2.0.0 (Major Release)

Notes Re-Design

Notes has been redesigned throughout Stokkup. This new feature now provides you with the option to set "Internal" and "External" Notes. Internal Notes means they are only available in Stokkup and is for internal use only. External Notes means they are available and displayed in all invoices. One will be able to view these notes throughout the different modules. I.E If one creates a note in the Art Design (Art Module) for a specifc order, it wil be viewable in the Orders Module. These notes will be labeled as Internal Notes and External Notes.

Notes Remastered - 1 Notes Remastered - 2 Notes Remastered - 3 Notes Remastered - 4 Notes Remastered - 5
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Press Instructions Update

Any product that contains any packing information will now be included in the Press Instructions PDF (located in Art Module ). Similar to how the different departments checkboxes are displayed (see image)

Packing Information - Press Instructions

Art Module Update

The Art Module Home screen table not contains an additional column, that will allow one to assign an artist to a specific order. Filters added at the top will allow you to filter by Artist or Filter by Order Status (see image). Once the Artist is selected, this will trigger an update to the order which you can see in the order itself (Order Screen).

Art Module - Table Update

Shipping Module Update

Similar to the Art Module above, the Shipping Module has been updated to include the Shipper Assigned Column and Notes Columns. Filter added at the top will allow you to filter by Assigned Shipper. If an order contains a note, the notes column will display a button with the total number of notes for that order. If clicked, a modal will pop up and one will be able to see all the notes for that specific order (both internal and externa).

Shipping Module - Table Update

Shipping Module - Notes

Release Notes: v1.3.1

Quickbooks Error Messages Improvements

When an error occurs with Quickbooks, in the orders tab, the error messages continue to display on the screen regardless of the page selected. Updates have been made that will have the errors disappear after 5 seconds.

Invoice PDF Display Charges Improvements

When selecting 'Display Charges' (within a specific order) to No, the charges are completely removed from the Invoice PDF file. Update has been made to where the Charges Text will display, but not show the amount.

Display Charges

Release Notes: v1.3.0

Mail Chimp Sync

When a new contact is added for a client, that client was not being synced into mail chimp. Update has been made where as soon as you create a new contact, it will immediately sync with Mail Chimp.

Country/State Population Improvements

When a country is already populated for a client in the 'Company Information' and you click on the state, the state does not contain any data. State will now populate as soon as you select on the country (and click out of it)

New Client Submission Improvements

When adding a new client and submitting, the application continues to load. One would need to reload the page in order to see the new client created. In this update, when a client is created, the creation process will complete and display without needing to reload.