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Plan for a brighter future

With capacity planning focus on what you love, and let us handle the stats.

Drag and drop scheduler

Build the most efficient schedule based on press or day capacity.

Smart algorithms integrated

With our algorithm we can accurately determine the amount of time required for each job.

Stokkup Capacity Planning

Organize you workflow

Kickoff your work day with total shop transparency. Your order table is customizable and tailored to display the information you need.

Visual Status

Track the status of each order with real time production tracking.

Flexible Column Builder

With our order table column builder, manage what is displayed.

Fast Actions

Re-Order with a simple click. History allows you to see any edit ever made to an order.

Stokkup Order Table

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Simple order creation

Order creation meets friendly user experience. We have crafted a simple order builder that can handler complex needs.

Order merchandise through our Vendors

Sync payments via QuickBooks Online

Ship directly from Stokkup with UPS and FedEx

Stokkup Order Table

Dedicated Art Center

Store every piece of art attached to an order. With the dedicated art center, upload, receive, and send out art approvals

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Multi Lingual

PO# 4845930

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Feline Explorer

PO# 4845839

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In The Clouds

PO# 4845349

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Centralized Chat

Keep everyone on the same page with a built in chat feature. Communication between shop and client has never been more clear with a live order status and built in notifications.

James Murphy

James Murphy 10:14pm

Can we update art at this point?

Frank LeBlanc

Frank LeBlanc SHOP11:59pm

Ya it's all good! Art hasn't been approved yet, so just update it and then click Approve when ready!

James Murphy

James Murphy 10:14pm

Great news, thanks dude!

Shipping & Distributions

Link your UPS, FedEx, and Third Party accounts. Print labels, generate quotes, and ship directly from the order system. Email tracking link to your clients.

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Software Integrations

Our growing list of integrations will help you reach your goals in no time.

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Intuit Quickbooks Online

Client Portal

Give your clients what they've been waiting for.

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